John Giles

John Giles defies categorisation. He is a consultant with four decades of practical experience in information and data disciplines. Widely sought as an innovative problem solver, he brings a common sense approach to problems while having a commanding knowledge of the formal disciplines that underpin successful solutions.

John is a recognised authority on data modelling and Data Vault, having presented internationally, and published ‘The Nimble Elephant’, an authoritative and somewhat iconoclastic take on agile delivery of data models.

He is also a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society, earned an MBA (Information Technology) and has a GradDip in Applied Information Systems.

He has held senior roles ranging from strategic advice to hands-on development within some of Australia’s leading IT consultancies, and as an independent consultant.

As you’d expect with this background, his sector experience is wide, including application areas as diverse as manufacturing, exploration / mining, welfare, retail, construction, engineering, telecommunications, environment management, primary production / agriculture, land titles registration, transport, finance, defence, police, health and banking.

We call on him when we need help with:

  • Information architecture.
  • Traditional data modelling, and Object-oriented (OO) class modelling:
    • At conceptual, logical and physical levels
    • From enterprise-wide down to discrete projects
    • Using patterns as well as bespoke design components
  • Turning enterprise strategies into successful delivery of IT solutions