Our consultancy

Fivenines Consulting is a management consultancy. We help clients make and implement key business decisions involving people, products, information technology and finance. We specialise in encouraging creative thinking in a business context.

Our size gives us the independence and flexibility to succeed in a competitive marketplace, without compromise.

Our website says a lot about who we are and how we operate. These are our words, not an agency’s. If you like what you see, we’d love you to get in touch with us.

The wider group

The last couple of years have thrown up both threats and opportunities for organisations.​
We’ve often not known what the next week will look like.​

On the upside, there are now many opportunities for organisations to change the way that they work. We recognise that organisations want to come back stronger in an ever-moving new normal.​

As our clients’ need for support and advice changes, we are adapting too. ​For us, coming back stronger means expanding our capabilities. To do this, we joined forces with Cornerstone Integral in early 2021. They bring a world view – the Integral Framework – formalising much of what we’ve advocated for many years. This broadens our suite of services and allows us to draw on a wider knowledge and capability base.


Strategic thinking is particularly important during this pandemic. In normal times, planning usually assumes that the environment will bring ‘more of the same’, allowing the plan itself to focus on ‘different’. These are not normal times. We have created a short video explaining how scenario planning helps us tackle this wicked dilemma.