Making It Happen

Consultancy help is so hard to assess from a screen or paper. The value comes from how the consultants operate. Will they understand the problem? Will staff get on with them? Will they solve the problem? On this page we tell you a little about how we operate, so that you understand how we can achieve what you want.


Change is about ideas, and ideas in business are only limited by imagination. The more creative ideas we can generate, the more choices we can give you. The best ideas come from a combination of:

  • Understanding the specific and unique requirements which your staff provide
  • Understanding alternative ways in which similar processes are designed and operated in other organisations – be they public or private sector, near or afar – which we provide

Taking these two ingredients and turning them into a recipe for change is often the biggest value add in our consultancy work. We bring thinking techniques, cooperative tools which exploit group dynamics, and enough challenges to conventional wisdom to make our heads hurt. We then package this up into a project that gets you looking at the horizon and beyond.


If we were only allowed one element to our approach it would be this. We are passionate about working closely with your staff. We involve your people in our projects, transferring skills and encouraging ownership of and commitment to the recommendations.

We do this in many ways, depending on the setting. Sometimes we provide the backbone to the project team. Other times we get on with the job, but keep a constant, focussed dialogue with the people the project affects.

Would you really have it any other way?

Making it happen

Our goal is to know that when we finish a project you will have all you need to implement the recommendations. Indeed, you will have played a major part in the development of these recommendations.

We aim to develop close relationships with our clients, dealing with you for the long term, rather than focussing on a single project. Our aim is to help your business grow and improve, taking a whole-of-business perspective.