It’s a world of lifetime learning, but also a world of new educational models. The Internet has challenged everyone’s thinking, but very often the existing frameworks have been hard to change.

Fivenines Consulting has worked at levels of the sector, from Primary to Higher. Most of our work has been with Universities, where we’re proud to include Deakin, Monash and LaTrobe amongst our clients.

The sort of work we’ve done in Higher Education has covered business strategy, website specification, quality assessments and stakeholder input. We’ve re-engineered processes in facilities management divisions, unravelled intractable network access problems for senior academics and helped commercial arms become more commercial.

We’ve also worked with in the Further Education sector advising on product mix (which courses to offer and why) as well as student management systems.

We’ve worked with regulators, both national and state, on process and systems decisions.

In the Secondary and Primary sectors, we’ve done fascinating stakeholder work (including interviewing students) to assess programmes and find better communication pathways.

Education is amongst the most complex yet most critical sectors to our society and economy. We are privileged to have an informed sense of how it works and ideas to make it better.