Business Unit Strategy

The very best totalitarian regimes get the trains running on time. No local initiative is needed. Managers are given The Plan and deliver. Or else…

Happily, in the places in which we consult, local initiative abounds. This is how organisations mobilise the skills and intelligence of their people (and why totalitarian regimes get overtaken by arrangements that exploit the brains of their people).

The challenge with local initiative is in converting the big picture into smaller ones. And the challenge for any manager is working out how to make their bit of the management puzzle work within the bigger framework.

That’s where business unit strategies come in.

In many ways they are both more complex and more important than the overarching strategy. They are more complex because they must look upwards as well as downwards. They are so important because they are closer to the action.

Why should a manager get help (from us perhaps?) to prepare their business unit strategy?

First, because we do this for a living and experience makes for faster, better, more painless results.

Second, because by having a third party run the process of strategy development, a leader can focus on content, rather than process.

Third, because we’re not running the business unit at the same time and so your strategy doesn’t have to take second priority.

Because every business unit is different, we deliberately don’t offer a template solution, but we can get you an outcome as quickly and surely as you would by following one – with all the benefits of something well thought out and right for your needs.