Consulting Stakeholders

The hardest part of building a business case is dealing with uncertainties.

Usually the biggest uncertainties concern human behaviour, and the most unpredictable behaviours will be those outside your organisation.

How can we find realistic numbers for a spreadsheet so that we can make sound, evidence based recommendations?

Sometimes we can only guess, and there are some neat techniques for making wise guesses based on scientific (inference) principles without talking directly to externals. We have plenty of experience in doing this, and indeed in getting it right. But this page is about consulting, not inferring so you’ll need to have a chat to us if you want more on this fascinating subject.

Even so, it is much better if you can talk to your stakeholders. Sometimes you don’t want to reveal who you are, and without being deceitful we can help run anonymous enquiries. We’ve done this for a significant company acquisition as well as various mystery shopping projects.

And if you can declare your hand and tell the stakeholders who you are and why you are talking to them, we can help structure the questions that will tell you what you need to hear, rather than what you want to hear.

Politely, unless you know what you are doing, there’s a real risk you won’t get the accurate data you need to support your business case.