The Team

Don’t expect a hierarchy of titled consulting staff here.

We are organised a bit like an onion, if the simile isn’t too strange. We have a core team who work together all the time, providing consulting, training and advice across EVERY project. This group works together all the time and shares experiences, wisdom and knowledge.

We also call on a small number of collaborators and specialists to engage and contract with us on projects when we need them. People whose skills complement ours and who set the same high standards for their work.

We also tap into a very wide network of other people with specific and particular expertise who can often answer a question that no-one else can. This network frequently works on a share basis – we help each other when a specific question comes up, meaning that we can get an answer few others can, and don’t need to put a contract in place to do it.

No-one works with Fivenines unless we know them and their work.