Ross McArthur

Ross McArthur is one of the experts we are delighted to work with on roads authority related projects. Having access to highly skilled people like Ross, who also operate under their own banner, gives us the edge over many larger advisers, while allowing us to stay lean and mean.

Ross is a highly recognised industry professional with expertise in many aspects of vehicle safety and policy. He is well connected to thought leaders, policy makers and researchers in Australia and overseas, with a network across other Australian jurisdictions and into the influential US and European markets.

He led the ANCAP program as Chairman to 2013 – a high profile and vital role in protecting the safety of drivers, passengers and other road users. From 1999 to 2015, Ross was employed by VicRoads as a senior manager responsible for managing vehicle safety and policy areas. He has worked on changes to legislation and a wide range of policy including network access. He led the VicRoads team responsible for the Victorian Road Rules and as Victoria’s input to the National Road Rules.

In these roles, he also played a leadership role in high profile regulatory changes such as the development and delivery of Phase One of Victoria’s new, world leading Motorcycle Graduated Licensing Scheme in October 2014. This included important contributions to required changes to VicRoads Registration and Driver Licensing Systems.

Other strategic and high impact projects he has led included

  • Mandating Electronic Stability Control for new cars first registered after 2010 and Regulatory Impact Statement, new regulations, approval process, registration system changes and cost recovery
  • Completing initial database for Intelligent Speed Adaption (ISA) mapping project
  • Managing regulation of Victoria’s more than 2000 roadworthy testers with continuous improvement of administrative and quality systems
  • Preparing submissions and cabinet papers for the Parliamentary Road Safety Committee Inquiries into the Australian Design Rules, and Vehicle Safety
  • Implementing Victoria’s Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme for modified and imported vehicles

Ross has provided strategic advice to overseas jurisdictions, including leading projects in Fiji and Indonesia, both of which involved extensive consultation with senior officials. He is currently the Vehicle Axle Load Control Expert for a large Asia Development Bank funded project in Cambodia. The strategic nature of these projects was broader than vehicle safety and policy, embracing registration & licensing and crash data amongst other deliverables.

Ross is a Member of the Institution of Engineers Australia and has a Graduate Diploma of Mechanical Engineering.