Marianne Tanner

Marianne Tanner’s experience is grounded in the real world of publishing. An experienced designer of business and educational documents, Marianne has built her career on managing the production of a wide variety of printed materials.

Respected. Negotiator. Organised. Can do. Read on!

At a practical level she’s moved with the technologies into leading-edge development of electronic documents using a wide variety of software tools. Importantly she has also excelled in a number of challenging management roles dealing with projects and people in complex organisational contexts.

As a line manager, Marianne has headed an in-house print broking and design studio, liaising with staff across a large and highly regarded educational institution.

As an agent of change, she has successfully developed and enforced a corporate brand and style, changing the culture of her organisation in doing so. Marianne is outstanding at working with staff at all levels, inspiring them to cooperate to
achieve project outcomes, and… making things happen.

As a consultant, Marianne has developed complex business requirements, undertaken analysis of business transactions, and managed stakeholder surveys.

Marianne is an excellent analyst. She is outstanding at drawing information from staff about what they do and how they do it, gathering other relevant information covering both business and systems contexts, and documenting the analysis in a meaningful and accessible way.

You can’t prescribe persistence and enthusiasm, but over and over again, Marianne has brought projects in using these attributes. A “nuts and bolts” person, she is often the practical linchpin between the design and the objective.