Greg Chambers

Elegant outcomes often hide complex work. Greg Chambers is a true master of complex, real-world problems. He brings two attributes that cynics don’t often associate: the rigour of the engineer with the people sensitivities of someone who has successfully worked across Asia and the Pacific.

Greg started out as an engineer. He worked for most of his career with, but not necessarily within, VicRoads. After a number of foundation road engineering roles in Victoria, Greg then spend extended periods on overseas road development, road safety and institutional development assignments in a number of Pacific, South East Asian and Middle East nations. Such roles required immense cultural awareness and an ability to solve whole-of-project problems with little senior supervision, expert advice or local experience.

Greg’s other career life put him in the world of enterprise ICT. Greg was co-author of the ground-breaking IT@VR strategy and architect of the multi- sourcing plan which together completely reconfigured provision of all enterprise ICT services and infrastructure for VicRoads. Maintaining a very clear view of the “end game”, his drive and commitment saw the forging of a co-operative alliance between business owners and service managers as well as between parallel service providers, guiding them to see their mutual interests and the benefits of shared success.

Greg’s career has been distinguished by his ability to excel at new and disparate challenges in fields that are often far removed from the engineering main-stream. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Greg has been pivotal to the success of many programs, seamlessly melding together regulatory, organisational, functional and technical elements into practical, pragmatic and often elegant solutions.
Significantly, in the context of “be careful what you wish for”, Greg has also lived the reality of his creations, more often enjoying the fruits of his labours than regretting them.

Greg’s commercial and project management skills are outstanding. Central to Greg’s success has been his ability to immerse himself in any subject and develop an inherent understanding particularly through open communication and listening to the people involved. He has an innate sense of what might go wrong. He has strong, sound analytical skills and methods to support his wisdom. We especially value
him because he isn’t afraid to challenge but understands the importance of context in decision-making.

Greg’s tertiary qualifications in Civil Engineering (Bachelor Degree with Honours) and Traffic & Transport (Master of Engineering Science) are complemented by in-service management and technical training and industry-based qualifications in IT service and project management.