Where do we work?

We are based in Australia. Despite globalisation, we find that ideas often move slowly and so our experience across the country means that our consultancy benefits from a national reach. We’re able to bring expertise from other places,
often with ideas that haven’t had a local profile, and not only share the ideas themselves, but also the experience of applying them.

For government clients this means that experience in other jurisdictions can be assessed in a local context without the element of rivalry that sometimes hides the good idea that isn’t home grown.

For the private sector, our national reach is also important. Each State and Territory has a different competitive environment and we can share solutions that have been tested in other settings, making our advice more robust than our local competitors (including the local operations of global practices, of course).

We do work overseas. Indeed, these words are being written during time off on assignment in exotic Tonga. A volatile Aussie Dollar sometimes makes us a bit more expensive, but our fees for assignments of a few days or more are inspiringly competitive overseas, even as far away as Europe.

We’re certainly not just jetsetters and city slickers. Some of our favourite projects are in regional centres and off the beaten track where we enjoy building that special kind of rapport you just don’t get in the Big Smoke.