A Typical Process Reform Project

Making news

Imagine a newspaper. Busy, busy, busy. Harried editorial staff getting the copy in before the deadline. Advertising executives with furrowed brows dealing with a real estate agent who wants to pull the advert for the house that’s just sold, with the presses rolling. Printers adding a whisker more ink to give the person on the front page a pink rather than red face.

A classic business process, but not one anyone had stopped to think about in this way.

Can you improve a process like this? Well, you need to in a world in which other papers are getting smarter and the whole game is changing with a revolution in the media and on the Internet.

Our consultant led a series of workshops which brought together people who knew the process intimately to model and understand the process. He then ran in depth interviews with staff and developed a framework for the development of alternative approaches in a second round of workshops.

Looking at the process in an entirely different way, viewing each edition as a project in its own right, was the key to radical improvement. This and other recommendations combined with a separate initiative involving enterprise bargaining, creating significant and enduring improvement.