Transport and roads authorities

Fivenines Consulting has a strong heritage with the jurisdictional bodies that oversee the physical infrastructure of roads and regulate how they are used.

Our Consultancy Principals, Robert Eames and Wendy Geraghty, have been consulting to roads agencies and transport departments across Australia since 1996 and the core consulting team includes former senior executives of VicRoads. We also periodically involve other former jurisdictional staff in project work.

We bring deep expertise to many road agency problems through wide ranging, relevant, recent skills. We are recognised nationally as a consultancy with specialist knowledge of road agency administration, strategic operations, policy development and the application of technology in the broadest sense.

  • We have worked closely with roads agencies in the development of corporate strategy, both at an organisational level and with the major business units.
  • Our contributions to transport policy development cover the full lifecycle. We have undertaken a number of policy option analyses for roads agencies and Austroads.
  • Business improvement in operational areas typically involves a multidisciplinary approach to people management, process design, and information architecture. We have extensive experience in these areas, having undertaken many projects that are critical to the effective delivery of the broad range of services provided by road agencies.
  • Fivenines is regularly called on to undertake organisational reviews to help management identify better ways of managing teams in roads authorities, looking at internal and cross functional needs so that staff roles and reporting lines can more closely achieve organisational outcomes.
  • We regularly undertake coaching and mentoring of staff at all levels, usually in the context of particular skills.
  • We have worked with the management of on road enforcement teams to design appropriate performance measures in an environment where the outcomes are better road user behaviours but the measures have historically been input (activity) based.
  • Our consultancy is based around innovation. While it is an overused term, our core skills are in finding new and different ways to organise, operate and deliver. Roads agencies have asked us to drive innovation programmes and pursue specific innovative opportunities.
  • Decision support has significant overlap with policy development. We have been trusted by jurisdictions to provide independent advice on a variety of questions, based on detailed research, objective analysis and thorough reports. These projects are often low key and have included work in highly sensitive areas of policy and delivery.
  • We regularly undertake one off projects on particular topics.