Smaller organisations

Big organisations are often a labyrinth of structure, politics and history. Getting everyone going in the same direction is a nightmare. You’d think small organisations would walk all over them because when there are only tens of people (perhaps), everything is so visible, and everyone is aligned and sorted.

Not always!

The problems are often different but just as big. Yet it may seem unaffordable to identify and fix them. Just soldier on.

We’ve had the privilege of breaking this cycle for a number of small entities – especially industry associations and not-for-profits.

We’ve gently guided disparate ‘owners’ to a consensus strategy. We’ve surveyed an industry sector. We’ve (gently) knocked heads together to sort out business processes. We’ve even taken an industry association from the germ of an idea to full operation!

The beauty of the Fivenines Consulting offer is that we can do things within a small budget, and make sure that the few cents spent (OK, not literally) have a big impact.

Whether you know the solution and need help implementing it; need a solution; or even need to know what the problem is, talk to us first – small organisation to small organisation.