Parliamentary Administration

Westminster model parliaments operate in many countries across the world. Although they share a common heritage, each has different procedures, practices and administrative models.

Broadly, they share an independence from the legislature but they are also independent of the broader public service. There are typically many differences between the way a Parliamentary Department works and how public service departments (let alone the private sector) operates.

We have had the privilege to work on a wide variety of assignments with Parliamentary Departments in Australia and across the Pacific since 2001.

Our experience, which we believe is unique, includes supporting the Department of the House of Representatives in the Australian Federal Parliament on numerous occasions since Fivenines Consulting was formed. We’ve also undertaken significant assignments in Australia for the Victorian and Queensland Parliaments.

Our work has included designing and facilitating strategy and corporate planning programmes, organisational reviews and ICT strategic advice.

Overseas we’ve provided on-site corporate planning, HR analysis and general business advice to the parliaments of Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu and Tuvalu.

We have worked with all levels of parliamentary secretariats and the range of stakeholders,  we’ve interacted with encompasses all levels of elected representative, from Member to Prime Minister and Speaker, as well as public servants who interface with Parliamentary Departments.

We are certainly not the only consultancy with parliamentary experience, but our combination of international experience, task coverage and a capacity to work sensitively with stakeholders has allowed us to contribute to the quiet success of these critical foundations of democracy.