Revolutionise Processes

Businesses have always had processes. Managers have been trying to improve processes and make their businesses more effective and efficient for hundreds of years. Often when business changes, processes that used to be ideal need to be revisited.

In the late 1980’s Business Process Re-engineering offered a significant and dramatic response to the changes that came from computerisation. “Lean”, “Design Thinking” and other techniques followed.

The global consultancies developed formal and prescriptive methodologies. The IT industry bolted ‘business analysis’ onto their systems analysis approaches. Battle hardened senior managers grabbed the jargon to camouflage old fashioned downsizing.

Nothing has changed about the need to get business processes right. To do this, some design thinking needs to be done, otherwise either random change or adhoc improvement will be the best we can get.

Sound process helps get other things right. For instance, fixing something as small as the sequence of entering data can reduce the number of data entry mistakes and hence enhance data quality. The flow on benefits have a compounding effect.

Process has profile. Everyone has a view on how the task should be done – staff, customers and even managers.

For many of our competitors, process design requires a recipe where predetermined ingredients produce a guaranteed feast. Our experience is that the feast is usually half-baked.

Every client, every situation, every process is different. We look afresh at the ingredients. We think carefully about what we are trying to create. We build on past experience. And apply all of this to create a unique recipe that you can apply.