Training, coaching and mentoring

We think there’s a big difference between contractors and consultants. Contractors are used as alternatives to employees – engaged on a different employment model but doing their work within the organisation. Some of our work is like that, but much of it is helping organisations change, either by advising them or by enabling their people to do new, different and better things. That is what consultants do, in our humble view.

Enabling your people can be done in various ways.

Where the need is structured and the audience is more than one or two, then we can provide training. We have prepared and delivered training to private and public sector organisations in areas of our expertise since Fivenines Consulting was formed. We offer both Workplace Training and Assessment qualified presenters and a body of ready to go material, though we can tailor training to a variety of needs. We start with a needs analysis, we then identify learning outcomes, delivery plans and create validation tools as required.

We often work with individuals, in formal and informal coaching or mentoring roles. We help them identify corporate and personal goals, help them manage their performance and provide them with one-on-one skills coaching so that they can deliver.

We’re known for no nonsense and practical approaches to both training and individual development. Real world, practical advice based on years of experience and tested formal approaches rather than the latest fad.