Organisation Design

Until the robots really do take over, organisations need people, and people need to be organised. Every task needs to be done, someone needs to be responsible and accountable, they need to communicate and so on. Organisations need to be organised.

How hard can it be? Well, very hard as you obviously know. Communicating needs a Goldilocks approach, for instance. Not too much, not too little. Just one of the things that requires carefully designed organisations, tailored for the task, the culture and the capabilities of the incumbents.

So how come so many organisations follow a fad design? Whether it is ‘flatter’, matrix or self managing, too often the design is wrong for the context. Our organisation design projects are light on models, and strong on understanding.

We listen to the explicit and the implicit messages. We work hard to understand why you want to reorganise. We talk to as many people as we can, whether within or outside your organisation.

Then, and only then, do we put together options and discuss them. From there, you might want us to write a report, present the ideas, or start working through the implications with the team so that change actually happens. All of these are possible, but the last is our favourite. Don’t change for the sake of change.

And this is not ‘amateur hour’ design either – we’ve been helping organisations get team design right for years. One of our Principals even wrote a postgraduate thesis on the subject.

Change for the better – with a little help from Fivenines.