Customer Service

It seems as if every Australian is an expert on football, politics and customer service. At Fivenines we don’t even agree about the right colour for footballs. Or about politicians.

But we do agree we don’t have all the answers to customer service. Maybe this is because we’ve managed customer service in tough commercial environments, and produced measured improvements in quality too. On the other hand we understand that with people on both sides of the equation, the numbers don’t always add up.

If you are trying to formalise customer service processes or standards, perhaps through a service charter, we can help. Or if you need to take your staff through a workshop which will focus them on service, again, we can help. We mentor managers, review customer service plans, and develop overall strategies.

Nothing happens until someone sells something, as they say, and every customer contact sells your organisation, whatever it is. If you want to keep your customers talking to you, talk to us first.