Sourcing ICT Services

Few large organisations manage their ICT resources without any help from outside. Far smarter to buy in specialist skills or commodities from businesses that concentrate on these. But with the relief of not having to do it themselves (“hey, we have a contract with them”) come a new set of worries (including “hey, why didn’t the contract prevent that…?”).

We’ve got what might be a unique mix of practical and academic experience in our team to understand and fix all this. People who not only know what could, might and won’t happen, but people who can design a solution that will work. And, perhaps most important of all, advise on how much to contract or outsource, and how much to do yourself.

No simple, standard answers in this incredibly complex space. More colours than a paint chart – shades of grey, shades of blue: it’s enough to turn you green.

We can sit beside you or take the lead if you’re trying to work out what to do, whether you’re an IT specialist, a senior manager or a worried Board member.