ICT Strategy and Planning

So you have a business plan. Now you need to fit in the right technology to help you achieve it. Where do you start?

We won’t try to sell you our preferred products as, frankly, we don’t have any. What we will do is construct an architectural blueprint that you can then use to build the infrastructure from a range of products, and a road map showing you how.

Most organisations already have complex infrastructure in place that needs to be integrated to support new or improved business processes. So we start with a high level review of the current environment to provide the basis. There’s also a considerable investment here too, so it’s important to get a feel for what can be reused.

Next we look at the business plan. What infrastructure will support what the business needs to do, not just now but into the future? What is the ideal IT Architecture that will support this? What information is needed to support the desired outcomes? What is the best way to provide it?

We’ll cover all aspects, from customers through back-office to suppliers, looking at common information and access. Words like “middleware”, “e-Business”, “CRM” or “ERP” may start appearing here. The outcome will be a clear picture of what is really needed to support the business.

The final stage draws the roadmap. We’ll develop a gap analysis, set the priorities and then suggest the timeframes, resources and costs for each step.

As we said, we won’t try and sell you a product but we can help with detailed requirements definitions, development of Request for Tender documents, contract negotiation and implementation management if you need us.