Facilitate Workshops

“Easy life!”, they say to us. “You go to interesting residential venues, eat all the best food, and stand around while others do the work”. Ahem. Not quite right! We’re constantly amazed at the diversity of full day or residential workshops. All sorts of organisations use them for everything from long term planning, through team building, to nutting out really complex problems.

We love this kind of work. The venues, the food… (oops). It is some of the most interesting work we do, and the toughest. Why do we get asked back over and over again?

  • We’re dynamic.We get involved and we get the participants involved. This doesn’t mean pushing anyone out of their comfort zone, but we create the setting.
  • We’re prepared.We work with our clients to get the agenda right and prepare the materials we’ll need.
  • We’re flexible.Some workshops take paths no-one had thought of beforehand. Often, slavishly following the agenda is then the worst thing to do. We have the experience to manage the agenda during the session to get the result you want.
  • We disappear.That’s right, when the discussion is going in the right direction, we merge into the curtains for a little while, watching and thinking, waiting to come back in when we need to move on.
  • We’re experienced.We’ve been taken by surprise in the past (ask driver for details, as they say). But we’ve seen enough that little derails us. So we’re ready with the intermission activity to wake the group up, as much as we are ready with the summary picture that succinctly captures a passionate discussion.

Many facilitators merely chair a workshop. We find that things like our renowned Expo and our wallflower technique bring out so much more. We encourage syndicate work to get people to actively contribute, but never use this purely to change the scenery. Above all, we keep minds active and energy levels high.

Talk to us early. The most successful events have had the facilitator involved from the first idea, helping shape a fresh and innovative approach. We’d love to share our ideas (and our popular Guide to Organising a Workshop) with you before you commit to us! We’re confident you won’t go elsewhere to find your facilitator.