Policy Development

Strategy and policy are interesting bedfellows. While we are very clear that strategy sets the way forward, so too does policy. And while strategy should lead to policy, the latter often operates on a different life cycle. Indeed, policy often endures while strategy can be fickle.

Policy is about matters of principle, focused on action. It is authoritative. Like strategy, it provides a framework for decision makers to make compatible decisions independently of each other.

Policy is rarely developed in isolation. We believe a key part of good policy is understanding how it interfaces and integrates – both with related policy and the real world.

Developing policy is challenging, but it is at least as difficult to convert it into clear, unambiguous text that ‘talks’ to people who need to understand it.

Fivenines Consulting has a strong suit in policy development and documentation. We offer specialist areas of expertise (particularly in transport regulation) but have worked on policy matters across government and the private sector.