Geoff Shanks

Geoff Shanks has worked as a sector expert consultant with Fivenines Consulting since 2010. He has now stepped back from directly consulting, but is still available to support our complex, roads authority related projects.
His signature work with Fivenines has included leading two substantial Austroads projects looking at the licensing of indigenous drivers in remote communities, overcoming social disadvantage, and a major review of registration and licensing harmonisation. He was a significant contributor to the Smart Transport for Australia report, published by ITS Australia
following the 2016 World Congress and made a critical contribution to the
Austroads review of the impact of autonomous vehicles on driver licensing and vehicle registration.
Geoff has a very strong background as an experienced road safety professional. For over
twenty years he was a senior executive within VicRoads, the Victorian vehicle
registration and driver licensing authority culminating in the position of General Manager
of Registration and Licensing, a position he held for seven years.
Throughout the 1990s Geoff was involved with both operational and policy aspects
of vehicle registration and driver licensing in VicRoads including management of a
network of customer service offices throughout Victoria. As General Manager
Registration and Licensing between 2000 and 2007 he had prime responsibility for
the delivery of vehicle registration and driver licensing services for the State of Victoria.
Geoff has been an active contributor to national registration and licensing activities
throughout this time and in 2007 was presented with an Outstanding Service award
by Austroads, the Association of Australasian road authorities for his service over
an extended period.
Internationally, Geoff has undertaken a number of significant project assignments.
They include the implementation of computerised registration and licensing systems
in Bangladesh and Fiji, providing professional advice in the establishment of a Road
Safety and Transport Authorities in Bhutan and Fiji, managing the review of driver
licensing, training and testing systems in the State of Kerala in India and leading a
comprehensive project in Dubai aimed at transforming the driver training and licensing
system in that country.
Geoff holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Educational Studies
from Monash University and is a member of the Australasian College of Road Safety.