Who We Are

Fivenines Consulting specialises in business strategy, business process design,
customer service, information and staff management.
Our team comprises a small number of very experienced senior consultants who
specialise in corporate change projects.
We assemble teams with the expertise to get the job done, working in partnership
with our clients. Our aim is to be highly efficient and focused on delivering the
outcomes our clients require. Each member of our team has practical management
experience. We’ve faced the challenges of designing and implementing change.
This is the basis for our consulting, and we always present our analytical work
in a way that can be implemented.
We help organisations make and implement key business decisions involving
people, products, information technology and finance. We offer facilitation,
analysis and assessment and we specialise in encouraging creative thinking in
a business context. We want to succeed in a competitive marketplace by providing
our customers with what they really require, without compromise. Our size gives
us the independence and flexibility to do this. Our team provides the expertise.
There are many consultancies offering business advice. It is our aim to be among
the very best – small, independent and authoritative.