“Innovation. What a cool word. Let’s get some for our business!”
When you think about it, innovation is what most enterprises are doing all the
time – new software, new products, change programmes and so on. Often, the
innovation is driven by one new “idea”, and that idea inspires other changes.
But is the one idea the best one? Is it the only one?
We are regularly asked to answer those last questions, and work backwards,
which means identifying a swag of ideas (good, mediocre, and downright silly),
and then spotting the best. To do this, we bring all sorts of ways of generating
and ways of capturing ideas.
We’re convinced that the best way to innovate in an organisation is to involve
staff and managers (as well as customers and suppliers, on occasion). Our key
to this is a short course in business innovation. We not only offer this within
projects, but also as a “stand alone” course.
Our toybox of innovation generating techniques is brim full. When we’ve all
played with the toys we’ve got a room full of possible improvements. We
use some very rational techniques to assess the ideas – qualitatively and
quantitatively, individually and in combination – and develop implementation
plans. (And the best bit is that WE put the toys back in the box after you’ve
finished playing with them!)
If you think innovation is hot rather than cool,
have a look at the information sheet about our innovation course:
Fivenines – Business Innovation brochure